Sunday, October 24, 2010

Running with Safety Scissors

Welcome to my blog. “Yeah, right” you say “another guy who a worthless opinion who thinks his drivel is important.” And you would be right except I don’t really think my drivel is important. Hopefully, I will be able to once in awhile make you smile and once in awhile make you think and even less often perhaps both.
I plan to share with you my likes, my dislikes, my praises and my rants. I want to make you laugh; I want to make you cry; I want to make you cry laughing.
Hey! If everyone else can spew nonsense on the internet; why can’t I?
Why “Running with Safety Scissors”? It’s a metaphor, silly! I believe in living my life to the fullest, taking risks and acting spontaneously but only to a point.
Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day here in the Magic Kingdom. Oh crap, wrong theme park!;-)


  1. Welcome to the insane world of blogging. :))

    Looking forward to cry laughing!!